About Us...

Our philosophy is to work as partners with our clients to structure programs maximizing the use of their internal staff and facilities. Due to our multi-disciplined capabilities, we service a wide variety of Silicon Valley companies. It is the standard, not the exception, for SMP Tech, Inc. to work in parallel with a manufacturer's in-house engineering and/or R&D group to develop a preferred product concept. Because SMP Tech, Inc.'s engineers are not steeped in a given process technology, we can take a new look at your problem and offer a novel approach.

SMP Tech, Inc. was founded in April of 1990. During the first five years, SMP concentrated on engineering design projects. In 1998, we expanded our services to include pilot production. In October of 2000 we moved to Morgan Hill, California. In October of 2004, we expanded our engineering and manufacturing services through the formation of strong alliances with a number of specialized engineering and manufacturing firms.

Customer Confidentiality:
SMP is diligent about protecting our customer’s intellectual property and new proprietary technologies. Documents are stored in password protected locations and new equipment is assembled in secure manufacturing areas. Since a high percentage of our work involves new state-of-the-art development, information on the vast majority of our projects are not included on the SMP website or in any of our company literature.

We have expanded our foundation through strong alliances between SMP Tech, Inc. and a number of specialized technical firms. Our alliances with Berger Manufacturing, Precise Automation, and the TAB Alliance Bridge are structured to provide SMP with the broad-based technical capabilities required to generate world-class equipment at the lowest possible cost. By uniting the collective skills of our family of specialized companies, SMP Tech, Inc. is able to offer a cost-effective, single source for top-notch engineering design, analysis and preproduction services.

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