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SMP Tech, Inc.'s mission is to provide world-class, full service engineering and contract pilot production services of precision electro-mechanical and micro-component assemblies.

Our capabilities include mechanical, electro-mechanical, fluid delivery systems, optical systems, MEMS, custom machinery, scientific instruments, computer peripherals, custom sub-assemblies, biomedical products and test equipment. We also custom design jigs, fixtures and specialized tools for resale and production aids needed to accomplish our assembly and testing processes.

SMP Tech, Inc. provides a competitive advantage to our customers by being an affordable, high quality, full service OEM design and prototype manufacturing firm.

Quality Standards:

  • Documentation and procedures are compliant to ISO 9001.

  • Our quality goes well beyond the normal industry standards.

  • Our business and manufacturing processes offer the advantages of fast cycle times, minimal waste and simplicity of implementation.

  • We are continuously working to improve our engineering and manufacturing processes.

  • We have established long lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

  • All of SMP’s employees are committed to the SMP quality objectives.

  • Products requiring a GMP will be qualified through the FDA on a product by product basis.

    Project Teams:
    A project team concept is used to set up and manufacture each and every assembly contract. The responsibilities of the team include: facility set up, assembly procedure definition, QC procedure implementation, selection of suppliers to quote and supply parts, parts kitting, assembler training and general management.  Back to Top

    Supplier Selection:

SMP Tech, Inc.will evaluate and select vendors and suppliers with our buyer for the project team. Our buyers are supported by our engineers.  Supplier certification is the process by which we assure that suppliers of all key parts have predictable, repeatable and stable manufacturing processes capable of supplying parts which meet or exceed our quality requirements. Our suppliers are expected to meet the following criteria in our three step supplier certification process:

  • Checkpoint 1:    Supplier selection

  • Checkpoint 2:    Start production

  • Checkpoint 3:    Steady state and high volume production  Back to Top

Alliances and Partnerships:

Partnerships have been established to provide engineering support for tooling, machining, PCB assembly, material science, ESD testing, MEMS foundry fabrication, integrated circuit production, acoustical testing, etc. SMP’s engineering department as well as our technical alliance group, TAB, become members of our project teams on an as-needed basis.

Work stations and Parts Storage:

To optimize efficiency, the SMP project team will configure our assembly area to meet the exact needs of your product, sub-assembly or special machine. We have three standard work station configurations which can be expanded as required to meet your production demands. Assembly bench work stations, locked material supply carts, storage racks, and product area security partitions have lock-in-place wheels for mobility. Partitions provide a level of security important when introducing a new product to market.

Invitation to Our Clients:

The next time your business requires precision electro-mechanical manufacturing or engineering support, make SMP your full service contract manufacturer.  Back to Top

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Phone: 408.776.7776