Product Design
SMP Tech, Inc. develops new products. We have experience designing medical equipment, consumer electronics, automated chemistry systems, instrumentation and test equipment used in many different industries. We are experienced in linking current technological resources and coupling them with the appropriate skills to produce high-quality, low-cost products in accelerated time frames.

OEM Product Development
SMP Tech, Inc. has specialized expertise in providing top quality products on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis. SMP provides the total engineering and manufacturing support for OEM products, including the initial design, documentation and ramp to full scale production

Contract Assembly
Our capabilities include mechanical, electro-mechanical, fluid delivery systems, optical systems, MEMS, custom machinery, scientific instruments, computer peripherals, custom sub-assemblies, biomedical products and test equipment. We also custom design jigs, fixtures and specialized tools for resale and production aids needed to accomplish our assembly and testing processes.

Factory Automation
SMP Tech, Inc. engineers and builds special machinery, testers, data loggers, fixtures, as well as entire automation systems. We meet our clients' equipment needs, including initial system definition, cost justification, design and construction.

Microelectromechanical Systems(MEMS)
SMP Tech, experienced in the design and practical application of MEMS devices into futuristic products. We understand MEMS and LIGA technologies and will help you integrate them into new products. Devices such as tiny valves, nozzles, pressure sensors, accelerometers and other micro-mechanical mechanisms can be mass-produced for use in new products using MEMS.

Engineering Analysis
We will analyze your technical requirements and specify a cost-effective solution to meet your particular needs. Our philosophy is to work as partners with our clients and to structure programs to maximize the use of their internal staff and facilities. We use Cosmos/Works and Geo-Star for our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) work. Cosmos is used in conjunction with SolidWorks 2013 work.

Fabrication Support
SMP Tech, Inc. works together with various manufacturing companies to provide our mutual clients with machine shop, sheet metal fabrication and machine assembly services.

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