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SMP Tech, Inc. is experienced in putting together current technological resources and coupling them with the appropriate skills to produce high-quality, low-cost products in accelerated time frames. During an initial discussion with SMP Tech, Inc., we will meet with members of your firm to give you the opportunity to evaluate our capabilities with respect to your areas of need.


Design Exploration

Project Management

Project Planning and Estimating

The development of a new product requires the talents of many people coupled with the utilization of many resources. A company often overlooks the fact that they cannot cost-effectively do everything to the quality level required when introducing today's high-tech products. All patent, copy or other rights pertaining to inventions, developments, or improvements made during your program are your property. Records, drawings, prototypes and finished models are also yours.



SMP uses first principle analysis tools such as MathCAD and Mathematica to quickly determine the significant parameters that need to be investigated using FEA software.
For our Finite Element Analysis work we use Cosmos/Works Revision 6 and Design Star Version 3.0. Cosmos is used for both our structural as well as our thermal analysis work. Cosmos can be used in conjunction with SolidWorks 2001 Plus.

At your invitation, SMP Tech, Inc. will prepare a project plan for your review and acceptance. This plan will include background, objectives, a planned sequence of activities and an estimated schedule with costs.






Applied Automation


Automated Machinery



Computer Packaging

Industrial Design


Cosmetic Manufacturing

Machine Design


Diagnostic Instruments

Machinery Modifications


Disposables, Medical



Duplicating Equipment



Electronic Games

Mechanical Engineering


Electronic Packaging

MEMS Products


Electronics Cooling






Food Processing



Gaming Devices



Inspection Fixtures

Process Equipment


Laboratory Instrumentation

Product Development



Program Planning


Medical Equipment



Paper Handling

Special Equipment


Peripherals, Computer

Test and Productions Fixtures


Test Fixtures




Stress Analysis


Plastic Components, High Volume

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