SMP Tech, Inc. offers our clients speed and quality in biotechnology applications.  Our expertise in biotechnology spans robotics, instrumentation, MEMS, lab-on-a-chip, combinational chemistry, sensors, DNA spotters, electrophoresis and process equipment development.  If youíre a start-up or a mature bioscience based company, you rely on us for engineering support you canít maintain in-house.  SMP Tech, Inc. is available to troubleshoot and solve your toughest equipment and process development needs.

Commercial success in technology is based on a simultaneous convergence of many technical elements.  With few exceptions, the skills necessary to advance a technical approach from a theoretical concept to a widely commercialized product must be brought together from diverse and seemingly unrelated professional disciplines.   Many promising bioscience products have failed to reach market due to unawareness of specific design elements, despite their innovativeness and technical superiority.  Our engineering knowledge and experience in bioscience equipment development will help to avert many of the obvious pitfalls that can derail a project.  In addition, our ability to leverage our expertise and use existing off-the-shelf components accelerates the development of technology based products.

Solid modeling and rapid prototyping are valuable tools in the design and development of mechanical systems needed by companies engaged in the bioscience industry. The primary benefit of these tools is reduced development time and expenditures.  Since solid modeling yields real-world results for fit, function, stress loading and appearance without having to assemble time-consuming prototypes.  This reduces the number of design iterations needed to achieve a stable and safe design.

Philosophy :

Our philosophy is to work as partners with our clients to structure programs maximizing the use of their internal staff and facilities. It is the standard, not the exception, for SMP Tech, Inc. to work in parallel with a manufacturer's in-house engineering and/or R&D group to develop a preferred product concept. Because SMP Tech, Inc.'s engineers are not steeped in a given process technology, we can take a new look at your problem and offer a novel approach.


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